a response to Arthur C. Brooks, “A Profession is Not a Personality”

An introduction to the Autonomous Mechanics workshop

An OS [re:con]versation with poet & translator Mathilda Cullen

A view of a tundra landscape in the Rocky Mountains — 11,000 feet from sea level. Credit: Matthew (m_shipp22) / CC BY 2.0

Image showing two musical staves with types of rest notation and their names, from a 4-quarter-note (long) rest to a 1/64 note rest (hemidemisemiquaver).

An archival exhuming for World Autism Day of Awareness

Elæ Moss

is a multimodal creative and social practitioner, curator, scholar, and educator. Founder/Director @The Operating System. Faculty @ Pratt. [they/them] #resist

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